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NEWS GB580 firmware has been improved, enhanced and upgraded

After months of hard work and testing, GB580 firmware has finally been enhanced and released!!! Major improvements include the following:

1. Altitude functions have been fully reviewed, redesigned and strengthened. The new altimeter functions give more precise data during ascending and descending.

New auto calibration function also makes the altitude adjustment faster and more accurate.

2. The ANT+ connection is reinforced too. Now you can enjoy the robust connection between your accessories such as speed, cadence, heart rate and power sensors.

3. Other improvements include GPS speed filtering, heart rate related functions fine tune, miscellaneous functions adjustment and bugs fixing.

Beside these improvements, our new cloud-based center development is in the final testing stage and will be ready in 2013 Q3.

We would like to thank all users and will keep improving our products to give you the best quality.