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A Proud Moment to Share

A Proud Moment to Share ---
One of Taiwan’s proud sons, a well known ultra-marathon runner in the world of Extreme Sport, continues his quest in challenging the impossible. In most recent time, he has put another one under his belt. This time, it was the Tor des Géants 2017 (Tour of Giants) held in Italy.
Moreover, to ensure the safety of all participating athletes by tracking them in real time and to successfully enforce the stringent rules and regulations, in the harshest environment found in the mountain terrain (25 mountain passes as high as 3,300 m, in a trail of 330 km), engulfed in extreme weather conditions non-stop for 150 hours, GlobalSat WorldCom Group’s latest innovative product, LT-100 was chosen and used by the Event Organizer.

Before the start of the event, every participant was given to equip the LT-100, a LoRaWAN™ compliant RF tracker. This created a monitoring network system for the Organizer so that each athlete is carefully and continuously monitored to ensure that they do not stray off course. This means that the LT-100 had to be super reliable where stability is a must-have feature, in a rough environment surrounded by high mountains in various altitudes in bitter coldness, in that each athlete is precisely pinpointed on the official record. There was no room for error.
Another important feature a good GPS tracker must have is its ability to use battery power conservatively and efficiently. The LT-100 falls into that category plus more! Not only had the LT-100 needed to withstand the extreme temperatures in an unfriendly environment, it also had to continuously work for 150 hours straight, day and night, constantly being on the move.
In the event of an emergency, the athlete can simply press the “Emergency” button on the LT-100 sending immediate notification to the officials for help. It’s truly a life saver!

For more information on LT-100: Globalsat LT-100

引以為傲 ----
台灣好手挑戰極限不間斷,完成2017義大利TDG 高山超馬賽, 此賽事又稱 “巨人之旅”,總長338公里且須經過25座山峰,限時150小時完賽, 主辦單位使用環天科技最新創新產品 LT100,全程記錄全球參賽者在嚴峻環境條件下的實況,保障參賽者安全的完成全賽事.

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