Speed/Cadence Bike Sensor

BA-200 is a speed / cadence bike sensor that can help you understand your instant speed / cadence information when riding your bike. BA-200 bicycle speed / cadence combo sensor utilizes 2.4 GHz wireless technology to transmit speed and cadence information to main device (smart phone or bike computer) by wireless method.

You can pair your BA-200 with BLE 4.0 compatible smart phone having APP that can read speed / cadence information. Or, you can pair your BA-200 with BLE 4.0 compatible bike computer.

When biking with BA-200, you will know your instant speed / cadence information showing in your main device. Then, you can analyze your training result by reviewing your training data recorded in your main device.

Moreover, BA-200 is designed with IPX7 water resistant standard. So, you do not need to worry about the weather condition when biking with your BA-200. Therefore, BA-200 will be your best bike training partner and you will also have fun when riding your bicycle with BA-200.
  • Easy, convenient and durable device
  • Wireless transmission
  • Speed / Cadence combo sensor
  • Instant speed / cadence information
  • Smart phone APP interaction
  • Compatible with BLE 4.0 devices
  • Water resistant IPX7 design
  • Great for indoor/outdoor exercise
  • Built-in 2.4 GHz wireless technology
In the Box
  • Main unit
  • User manual
  • Rubber Pad 1
  • Rubber Pad 2
  • Pedal magnet
  • Spoke magnet
  • Bands
  • Battery
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