LoRa M.O.S.T.

LG-M202H / LG-M202E

Pocket Gateway for LoRa® Technology

LG-M202 is a LoRa® to BLE signal transformer, it’s used as a gateway for mobility purpose. With the low power-consuming feature and half-duplex technique, it can wirelessly transmit data to long-distance.

GlobalSat provides utilities for iOS/ Android that allows users to send and receive LoRa® command/ data from mobile devices via BLE to end-node devices. Due to its compact size, LG-M202 can be put in the pocket simply and powered by the internal battery or hang on wall using USB power.

The LoRa® pocket gateway LG-M202 is designed for P2P pet tracking, group security monitoring of school students/ elders/ workers/ mountain climbers and sensor applications.
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  • Support GlobalSat proprietary MOST-Link protocol and M.O.S.T transparent communication mode
  • Two LoRa® channels, 1 for Tx/ Rx, 1 for Rx only, based on SX-1272
  • Support setting various parameters like baud rate, transmission power, transmission speed, etc
  • Setting via BLE
  • BLE built- in watchdog

LoRa® Chipset Semtech™ SX1272 x 2 (2 channels)
LoRa® Antenna Built-in hauls antenna
Frequency 865~868MHz (Model : LG-M202E)
902~928MHz (Model : LG-M202H)
BLE Antenna Built-in chip antenna
Sound Effect Buzzer (60 ± 3 dB @ 1 M)
Battery 5 V/ 0.5 A
Charging Receiving: 21 mA (typical)
Transmitting: 125 mA (typical)
Sleeping: 5 uA (typical)
LED Indicator Power LED : Green & Red
LoRa® LED : Yellow
BLE LED : Blue
Interface Micro USB
Operation Voltage 3.5 ~ 4.3 V
USB 4.5 ~ 5.5 V
Current Consumption Receiving: 30 mA (typical)
Transmitting: 120 mA (typical)
Transmission Distance Under open sky without interference :
LoRa® : 3 KM
BLE : 10 M
Receiving Sensitivity -128dBm @ 0.81Kbps (TBC)
Operation Temperature -20 ~ 60 °C (Battery Discharge)
0 ~ 45 °C (Charging)
Humidity 5 ~95% (Non-condensing)
Waterproof IPX6 Equivalent
Weight 32 ± 1 g
Dimension 67 x 40 x 13 ± 0.15 mm
Accessory Holder (optional)

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  • Holder (optional)
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