LoRa M.O.S.T.


Dual-mode RF Module for LoRa® Technology (LoRaWAN™ Certified)

The GlobalSat LM-130H1 is a RF module that based on LoRa® technology which provides long-range, low data rate IoT connectivity to sensors, electronic meter reading, geolocation devices, industrial monitoring and control, home and building automation, long range irrigation systems, and all kinds of IoT/ M2M equipments. It can works as the end-node devices in the LoRaWAN™ infrastructure or in GlobalSat proprietary M.O.S.T. mode.
  • Built-in standard LoRaWAN™ FW and proprietary M.O.S.T. FW in same module
  • Default as LoRaWAN™, switch/ pre-load M.O.S.T. by external HW design
  • Share same PCB/ device design for both LoRaWAN™ and private RF data communication
  • For LoRaWAN™
    • Pin-to-pin compatible with LM-130H
    • Standard LoRaWAN™ protocol for EU868/ US915/ AS923 and profile for local settings
  • For M.O.S.T:
    • MOST-Link: use AT-command set to send data over MOST-Link protocol
    • M.O.S.T.: set module as different operation mode for data transmission in any format
    • Frequency: 860 - 928MHz
    • Ultra-high sensitive receiving ability by LoRa® spread spectrum modulation technology
  • Accord FCC, ETSI, Telec standard

LoRa® Chipset Semtech™ SX1276
Antenna IPEX RF Connector
MCU STM32 (128KB flash)
Frequency 863-870MHz (EU)
902-928MHz (US)
920-928MHz (ROA)
Transmission Power 862-870MHz (EU) @ 14 dBm
902-928MHz (US) @ 20 dBm
920-928MHz (ROA) @ 20 dBm
Transmission Media UART
Baud Rate LoRaWAN™:57600 bps, Parity: 8N1
M.O.S.T.:9600 bps
Operation Voltage 3 ~ 6 V
Current Consumption Receiving: 21 mA (typical)
Transmitting: 125 mA (typical)
Sleeping: 5 uA (typical)
Transmission Distance LoRaWAN™: 1KM~10KM @ 980 bps
M.O.S.T.: 1KM~10KM @ 0.81 Kbps
Receiving Sensitivity LoRaWAN™: -132 dBm @ 980 bps
M.O.S.T.: -132 dBm @ 0.81 Kbps
Operation Temperature -40°~ 85°C
Humidity 5~95% (Non-condensing)
Dimension 25 x 18 mm (PCBA)

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