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MOST-Link Starter Kits

Starter Kits for LoRa® Technology

LoRa® Stater Kits contains one piece of LG-S201 LoRa®gateway EVB, two pieces of LM-130H AEB LoRa® Arudino Evaluation Board and the development software kit.

The LG-S201 EVB is designed as a LoRa® gateway which communicates by using LoRa® technology in a private eco-system (M.O.S.T./ MOST-Link), it's an ARM-based with LAN & WiFi capability to the internet. It collects data from the end-device periodically and passes the data to backend via internet. It also can send commands to the end-device when needed. LG-S201 EVB acts as a central unit for data Tx/ Rx.

The LM-130H1 AEB is compatible with ArduinoUNO and LinkItOne. As with all LoRa® products, it can help developers to develop the applications rapidly, including hardware and software design by using high level ASCII command to control the protocol, before the end product is ready.

The development software kit includes LoRa® gateway utility, Arduino node library and sample code. The LoRa® Starter Kit offers makers/ developers a convenient platform to quicky demonstrate the long range and low power cunsumption capabilities with LoRa technology.
  • For Maker, Developer, Research, Training
  • Full set of tools, ready-for-use, easy-to-go
  • For ArduinoUNO and LinkITOne
  • Support AES 128 encryption
  • Support bi-direction control between Node,Gateway and Cloud Platform

LG-S201 LoRa® Gateway EVB
CPU ARM CORTEX A9 Dual Core (Std. 850MHz)
Memory Micro SD Card
4GB Flash
Video Output
HDMI 1.4a
Audio Output
HDMI 1.4a
HDMI Resolution 1920*1080p
640 * 480p will be the default setting if device cannot auto detect correct monitor resolution.
Networking Wireless
WiFi 2.4 GHz, 802.11 b/g/n
Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45)
Extension I/O USB Host 1 Port
External Storage Micro SD Card SD3.0 USH-1 read/write compatible
Communication 2 x LoRa® Mini-PCIe slot
1 x LTE Mini-PCIe slot
Extension Slot 2 x LoRa® module (LM-251H)
1 x telecom module (Gemalto PLS8)
PDM 1 Port for Buzzer
Power DC 5V/ 2A
Dimension 112.4 x 92.2 mm (not including antenna)
Weight 106 ± 5 g

LM-130H1 AEB LoRa® Arduino Shield Evaluation Board
LoRa® Module Globalsat LM-130H1 LoRa® module
Frequency 863 - 870 MHz (EU)
902 - 928 MHz (US)
920 - 928 MHz (ROA)
Transmission Power 862 - 870 MHz (EU) @ 14 dBm
902 - 928 MHz (US) @ 20 dBm
920 - 928 MHz (ROA) @ 20 dBm
Receiving Sensitivity -132 dBm @ DR2
Dimensions 61 x 53 ± 0.15 mm (not including antenna)
Weight 25 g
LED Indicator BZ Pin LED (Red)/ MOST Mode LED (Green, for P1 and P2)
Operation Temperature -20 ~ 60 °C
Operation Humidity 5 ~ 95 %

LG-S201 EVB English / 2017-10-23 /
Description LG-S201 EVB Specification
LM-130H AEB English / 2017-09-21 /
Description LM-130H AEB Specifications
In the Box
  • 1 x LoRa® Gateway LG-S201 EVB
  • 2 x LoRa® Arduino Shield Evaluation Board
  • 4 x LoRa® Antenna
  • 1 x WiFI Antenna
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • LoRa® Gateway Utility
  • Arduino node library
  • Arduino node sample code
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