Animal Tracker
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Solar Powered Sigfox GPS Tracker for Cattle and Asset

ST-20 Animal Tracker is designed to contain Sigfox for cattle or other animals identification transmission to network cloud server for position that particular animal based from receiving gateways. A full charged internal battery can sustain continuous Sigfox transmission from solar power. Each tracker is equipped with solar panel to keep charging and replenish the battery for continuous operation.
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  • Option support wide frequency from RC1/ RC2/ RC3/ RC4
  • High proformance solar panel to provide continuous charging for internal battery
  • Provide periodic battery status messages to server
  • Battery life 3 years based on normal use from solar power
  • Built- in 3 axis accelerometer for motion detector
  • Configurable setting by APP via BLE
  • Power low alert
  • Built-in watchdog
  • IPX7 waterproof rating

  • Charging Cradle
  • Quick Start Guide