LoRa M.O.S.T.


Evaluation Kits for LoRa® Technology

NL-D1T2 LoRa® Evaluation Kits contains one LD-20 dongle and 2 PCS of NL-T212 trackers. NL-T212 tracker is built-in GPS module and LoRa® module. It is capable to get GPS fix and transmit the GPS data via LoRa® technology. LD-20 dongle is used as a gateway for receiving data from NL-T212 trackers via LoRa® technology and then transmit the GPS data to ’ezfinder for showing the GPS position through “M.O.S.T. Evaluation & Testing Tool” via Internet. For sending the GPS data to ’ezfinder, the PC that used to install with LD-20 dongle must be internet available. LD-20 dongle can also work with “M.O.S.T. Evaluation & Testing Tool” to ping NL-T212 trackers or cyclically ping the NL-T212 trackers and then send the GPS data to ’ezfinder.

  • For coverage and loading test
  • For pre-deployment evaluation

NL-T212H English / 2015-10-12 /
Description NL-T212H Specifications
LD-20 English / 2017-09-01 /
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NL-D1T2 (EVK) English / 2016-10-07 /
Description USB Driver
NL-D1T2 (EVK) English / 2016-10-07 /
Description Cypress Driver
In the Box
  • LoRa® USB Dongle x 1
  • LoRa® GPS Tracker x 2
  • Antenna x 3
  • USB Cable x 2
  • Adapter x 2
  • EzFinder Account
  • Evaluation SW Package

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