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GPS Cycling Computer

GB-580P GPS cycling computer for cyclist usage will provide more analysis ability in this platform. Use barometer to support GPS on virtual statistics and atmosphere changes. Cycling enthusiast can monitor the slope changes with map trace and altitude reading on the analysis application. For enthusiast, It will also provide accurate training information like pressure, slope, heart rate, cadence, more advanced features, etc. Enthusiast will have more fun while in training with this device. It also embedded pressure sensor, 2.4GHz ANT protocol and electrical compass. Enthusiast can upon personal preference to configure device to achieve their target of training performance.

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The main features of GB-580P:
  • Slim type compact and watch design.
  • Built-in SiRF Star III LPx high performance GPS chipset.
  • High resolution display embedded, which performs distinct display at outdoor without backlight.
  • Auto Zoom in/ out and auto orientation in guiding mode for easy operation.
  • Auto calibration algorithm of altitude by GPS without any complicated process.
  • Trainer mode: To provide different challenge modes to train themselves to improve performance.
  • Smart Tack Back to guide enthusiast without getting lost.
  • PC software to provide professional statistic analysis to improve performance.
  • Support clock mode and alarm function as TOD application.
  • Built in rechargeable Li-ion poly battery.
  • Over 18 hours in operation.
  • Support self training, route navigation and smart track back.
  • Embedded ANT 2.4GHz protocol which supports heart rate belt, cadence , speed sensor.
  • Embedded electrical compass and high accuracy pressure sensor.
In the Box
  • Main unit
  • Quick start guide
  • GB-580 CD
  • Heart rate monitor (Option)
  • USB cable
  • Speed sensor
  • Cadence sensor
  • Bike mount
  • Bands
GB-580P English / 2013-10-04 /
Description Training Gym Pro Instruction Manual v1.2
GB-580P English / 2012-07-02 /
Description GB-580 User manual
GB-580P English / 2011-06-23 /
Description GB-580P Quick Start Guide
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3.Why does it show “PC com port error” when I download data?
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