LoRa M.O.S.T.

LM-130H1 AEB

Arduino Shield Evaluation Board for LoRa® Technology

The LoRa® Evaluation Board LM-130H1 AEB is a built-in switchable protocol (LoRaWAN™/M.O.S.T.) device based on the GlobalSat LM-130H1 module which is a LoRaWAN™ certified module.

This node provides a convenient platform to quickly demonstrate the long-range and low power consumption capabilities of the modem, it can works as an end-node device in the LoRaWAN™ infrastructure or in GlobalSat proprietary M.O.S.T. mode.

The LM-130H1 AEB is compatible with Arduino and LinkItOne, it also comes with the available node library and sample code for Arduino. As with all LoRa® products, it can help developers to develop the applications rapidly, including hardware and software design by using high level ASCII command to control the protocol, before the end product is ready.
  • LoRa® Arduino Shield Evaluation Board, supports 868/ 915/ 923 MHz
  • Compatible with Arduino UNO, LinkIt ONE
  • Switchable protocol (LoRaWAN™ compliant protocol/ GlobalSat proprietary protocol M.O.S.T.)
  • Available node library and sample code for Arduino
  • Long range transmission (1km to 10km)
  • 2-way duplex communication
  • High penetration and strong anti-interference capability
  • LED status indication
  • For coverage and loading test
  • For Gateway and Network Server inter-operability test
  • For pre-deployment evaluation

LoRa® Module Globalsat LM-130H1 LoRa® module
Frequency 863-870MHz (EU)
902-928MHz (US)
920-928MHz (ROA)
Transmission Power 862-870MHz (EU) @ 14dBm
902-928MHz (US) @ 20dBm
920-928MHz (ROA) @ 20dBm
Receiving Sensitivity -132dBm @ DR2
Dimensions 61 x 53 ± 0.15 mm (not including antenna)
Weight 25 g
LED Indicator BZ Pin LED (Red)/ MOST Mode LED (Green, for P1 and P2)
Operation Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C
Operation Humidity 5%~95%

LM-130 AEB English / 2017-09-21
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  • Antenna
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