LoRa M.O.S.T.
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LG-310/ LEO-310


LoRa Smart Lighting Control System

The LEO-310 smart lighting control system is designed to manage street lights in an efficient way.

LEO-310 is a light controller with LoRa wireless technology. It communicates with the backend through a gateway and performs assigned command. Street light information can be reported to the platform for management.
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  • Compatible with the ANSI C136-41 NEMA socket
  • Real-time monitoring of power parameters and fault detection
  • Light control functions (ON/OFF/Dimming)
  • Intelligent operation based on predefined schedule
  • IP66 protection rating

Items LEO-310
Power Supply AC 110-220V~ @50-60Hz
Communication Technology LoRa: US915/AS923/EU868MHz
Dimming Output Signal DC 0~10V / 1mA
Socket Type NEMA ANSI C136.41
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ +60℃
Dimensions Φ84mm*105mm
(not include NEMA Socket)
Weight 245±25g
Protection Rating IP66