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Kineis Satellite & LTE-M Tracker

KT-520M is a GPS tracker with both LTE-M and Kineis satellite connectivity. This device will be used to locate vehicles/assets travelling between different locations. This device is able to provide location information that is transferred through LTE-M, or Kineis satellites when there is no LTE-M coverage.
  • Kineis satellite connectivity
  • Built-in GNSS solution
  • Built-in 3-axis accelerometer for motion detection capability
  • The device is powered by a SAFT 17Ah non-rechargeable battery
  • Expected battery life of 5 years based on 20 messages via LTE-M or Kineis satellite per day
  • The device shall operate in ambient temperature between -20℃ and +55℃.
  • Maintenance-free design.
  • Configurable periodic report via BLE.
  • The device shall measure or estimate the remaining battery level.
  • Device firmware update OTA via LTE-M or BLE.
  • Weight : approx. 280g
  • Dimensions : 84.5 x 130.8 x 44 mm
  • Ingress Protection : IP69K